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Published: August 17, 2023

The photography industry is in constant evolution. Now, more than ever, there exists a widening gap between photographers' desires as artists and consumers' needs as clients. These changes lead to more and more photographers working harder for less and not realizing their true value. PPA's "Bridging the Gap" initiative is designed to teach photographers to move forward in business with confidence, courage, support, and financial know-how. Bridging the Gap programs focus on helping you stay up-to-date on the photographic industry. You'll learn how to attract the right photography clients, overcome your business fears, conquer sales, and understand the expectations and needs of your clients.

The conference kicks off on Sunday, January 28, 2024, with a dynamic opening keynote speech by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Victoria Labalme. Keep scrolling for a preview of some of the Bridging the Gap classes at Imaging USA.


Bridging the Gap Track 


Sunday, January 28

How to Succeed at Anything: Focus, Clarity, and Mindset
with Megan Reilly

Discover the journey of Megan Reilly, a dynamic entrepreneur who transformed a single dance studio into a thriving franchise empire with locations in 2 countries. Adapting to challenges, she conquered setbacks during the pandemic and even secured offers on Shark Tank. With 35 franchise locations, a successful podcast, and a proven process, Megan unveils her three key steps for unparalleled success:

FOCUS: Channel your energy into what's within your control, propelling you closer to your aspirations.
CLARITY: Identify and honor your core values, guiding your decisions towards a fulfilling life.
MINDSET: Forge a resilient mindset that welcomes both triumphs and tribulations on your journey to greatness.

Monday, January 29

Mindset: Own it While You Hone It
with Robyn Hatcher

No matter how brilliant we are, a lack of personal impact and weak communication skills can result in a lack of trust, respect, and a loss of revenue. (Not to mention what it could do to your social life)
This interactive, inspirational program from Robyn inspires participants to:
•    Excavate their expertise and innate value
•    Clearly communicate that value
•    Confidently radiate when they communicate

Sell on Trust and Not on Price
with Yoram Solomon

Trustworthy businesses can get 29.6% higher prices for the same item than untrustworthy ones. Even worse, you will have to discount your product or service by 22.8% just to compete with a trustworthy business if you are not one. In this keynote, you will learn how to build your trustworthiness as a business through examples and the new relative and dynamic trust model. Learn the habits that will help you make a trustworthy business.

Tuesday, January 30

More Money, Less Work - Optimize Your Productivity to Get More Things Done
Pat Miller

There are a lot of things photographers need to deal with as small business owners. How you spend your time operating a business is one of the most important. How can you optimize your week and processes so that you can spend more time meeting new clients and serving those you already have? This talk will challenge you to think about your business. Prepare to analyze your operating choices step-by-step. Why do you work on Mondays? Do you edit your own photos? What about bookkeeping? Come ready to set down the camera and pick up your pen to make some money.

Create a Personal Brand that Attracts Clients to You
Karen LeLand

Karen takes on big questions and provides stunning insights on topics such as:
•  What are the biggest branding challenges photographers face when branding their product and service and how to overcome those challenges.
•  How to avoid the most common branding mistakes.
•  The most important social media outlets for professional photographers to brand themselves on.
•  How would a professional photographer get started on branding

Gap Lounge

After your Bridging the Gap class, cruise over to the Gap Lounge for a speaker Q&A session. Here, you can get your questions answered from Gap Speakers.


Here is a preview of our Bridging the Gap classes: 

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