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Published: November 17, 2022

The photography industry is in constant evolution. Now, more than ever, there exists a widening gap between photographers' desires as artists and consumers' needs as clients. These changes lead to more and more photographers working harder for less and not realizing their true value. PPA's "Bridging the Gap" initiative is designed to teach photographers to move forward in business with confidence, courage, support, and financial know-how. Bridging the Gap programs focus on helping you stay up-to-date on the photographic industry. You'll learn how to attract the right photography clients, overcome your business fears, conquer sales, and understand the expectations and needs of your clients.


Gap Lounge

After your Bridging the Gap class, cruise over to the Gap Lounge for a speaker Q&A session. Here, you can get your questions answered from Gap Speakers and meet our sponsors: H&H Color Lab and N-Vu

The conference kicks off on Sunday, January 22, 2023, with a dynamic opening keynote speech by author and motivational speaker, Simon T. Bailey. Keep scrolling for a preview of some of the Bridging the Gap classes at Imaging USA:


Bridging the Gap Track 


Sunday, January 22

Awakening Your Great 
PeriSean Hall
Sometimes in business (and in life), we feel stuck. PeriSean will show you how to awaken your greatness and breakthrough in business and in life. By the end of her talk, you’ll have the tools to employ real success, make your life purposeful, and live your dreams out loud!

How to Attract and Convert Qualified Buyers
Amber Vilhauer

Less than 10% of business owners are proud of their website and the results they get. Amber has proven that by thinking through your customer journey first, you can build a great website that attracts qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. Amber will guide you step-by-step through the top 3 conversion factors, plus reveal a marketing strategy designed to help you win the attention war online. Amber walks you through the customer journey, enlightening you on how your website needs to be set up to power conversion.   


Monday, January 23

SOAR – LinkedIn for Business
Donna Serdula
Donna shares her four point strategy to grow your presence on LinkedIn so you can find more opportunity! In this presentation you’ll learn how to SOAR: Strategize, Optimize, Amplify, Relate, and more.


Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business, and Get the Results You Want
Jeffrey Shaw
In this program, you will learn ways to prepare for your next level of success and get past mindsets that get in your way. This way, when you apply proven marketing strategies, you will get the results you want.

The Yellow Cake Principle: The Recipe for Influence and Selling
Roger Grannis
Selling has come a long way in the last 50 years. Yet, there are three consistent keys the best salespeople—no matter what the field—have used successfully during those 50 years. Top producers still practice them today. In his energetic and engaging style, Roger will share those universal truths with your sales team, leaving them informed, invigorated, and inspired.


Tuesday, January 24

Business Jumpstart: 5 Ways To Increase Your Revenue in the Next 90 Days
Carl Gould
Carl Gould will walk you through the 5 ways to create more revenue in your business within 90 days. Carl's presentation is engaging, and entertaining and provides advice that will help you take tangible steps toward improvement. Learn about purchasing habits and how to align your product and service offerings to meet the current demands. 

Go From Frustrated to Focused
Debbie Peterson
Learn the 5 steps that give you clarity of direction on your way forward in your business and life. You’ll discover how to focus on the right opportunities for the right reasons while maintaining your momentum and results. Discover what it’s like to create success on your terms without sacrificing who you are in the process.

Success Is a Choice. So, What Will It Be?
David Trust
Professional photography is on the cusp of its next big boom. Are you a believer? In this eye-opening session, Professional Photographers of America CEO David Trust shows us the future is brighter than ever for those who want to prosper. The only question is whether you will choose to be a part of it. David has led PPA to its most successful years in history and calls on his expertise in business, leadership, branding, and marketing strategy to explore the happy truth about photography in America, and the less-happy reasons some photographers will miss out on the opportunity – after all, success is always a choice. Knowing where to begin, and where to place your priorities as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming. In this program, David will cut through the confusion by exploring the specific components of success as a photographic entrepreneur. Are you a believer or aren’t you? Success is a choice. So… what will it be?

Imaging USA will close on Tuesday, Jan. 24 with closing keynote speaker, Julie Solomon. Julie will teach you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound confidence to make anything you want to happen, in her keynote address, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen To Unstoppable.


Here is a preview of our Bridging the Gap classes: 

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