Get on the Right Track with Imaging USA’s Business Track Classes

Published: September 13, 2022

Many photographers lack no passion for their craft, but for some, their first step into the photography business comes without a real foundation on how to build their business. The photography industry is constantly evolving, which means there is always something new to learn when marketing your product and growing your business. At Imaging USA, we bring together photography-industry insiders and top professionals in one convenient location to supercharge your business know-how.

This year’s show kicks off on Sunday, January 22, 2023, with a dynamic opening keynote speech by author and motivational speaker, Simon T. Bailey. There are also a wide variety of Pre-Conference classes running from Thursday (January 19) and Saturday (January 21) to choose from! Keep scrolling for a preview of some of the Business Track classes at Imaging USA:




Thursday, January 19

Business Intensive for Portrait Photographers (2 Day Pre-Con)
Day 1: Profitability, Pricing, and the Financials with Scott Kurkian & Lindsay Betz

This full-day class focuses on your financials and the foundational considerations for your business, beginning with defining your individual business model and your personal definition of success. You’ll learn managerial accounting for photographers and what you need to know about your legal structure and taxes. Additionally, you’ll come away with an understanding of pricing for profitability, which is vital to the sustainability of your business.


Selling the Wall Portrait
Lesa & Gregory Daniel

Join Gregory and Lesa as they share their secrets of success in creating one of the most successful wall portrait studios for over 43 years! In this class, you'll learn how to clarify your message, build a unique experience for your clients, develop a sales plan, and more. 


Friday, January 20

Business Intensive for Portrait Photographers
Day 2: Branding, Marketing, and Sales with Allison Tyler Jones

This full-day class focuses on discovering and attracting the right clients, developing your brand, selling with confidence, and competing in today’s business landscape.


The Business of High School Seniors
Jenn Lewis

Prepare to learn the ins and outs of high school senior work, including the importance of an influencer team, how to work with senior clients, in-person sales, and the steps between consultation to delivery. Walk away with valuable tips on how to prepare a client for a successful sale and overcome objections during the sales process. Take Jenn's expertise to task and move past the common issues so you can enjoy your client relationships and business!


Saturday, January 21

Six Steps to a Six-Figure Business
David and Whitney Scott

In this class, you'll learn the six specific steps David and Whitney took in their business that increased their number of bookings, connected them with ideal clients, raised portrait order averages from $500 to over $5000, and transformed their business into one that supports a balanced lifestyle.


Drones, Stills, and Video Reels: Earning Big Money in Luxury Real Estate
Charles Roach 

This class will be an entertaining and interactive session covering the business and technical aspects of luxury real estate content creation. Focus on staying ahead of fast-paced technologies being adopted by agents and homeowners, while also protecting your margins, time, and brand.


Marketing To Grab Attention and Loyalty
Ally Elliott

Withdraw the overwhelming veil of marketing and connect to your demographic in a genuine way! Walk away knowing how to connect with your target demographic and a tangible plan to make it happen. Ally teaches a formidable topic with a passion for the game that ripples out and excites every audience. 


General Sessions


Sunday, January 22

Winning With Workflows
Andre Brown

Entrepreneurs must wear many hats in their businesses. It’s common to be inundated with countless tasks, and organization is key to the success of a business. In this lecture, Andre shares how to utilize workflows to streamline business processes. Get ideas on how to create your own workflows so you can win in your business.  


How to Attract and Convert Qualified Buyers
Amber Vilhauer

Less than 10% of business owners are proud of their website and the results they get. Amber has proven that by thinking through your customer journey first, you can build a great website that attracts qualified buyers who are primed to buy from you. Amber will guide you step-by-step through the top 3 conversion factors, plus reveal a marketing strategy designed to help you win the attention war online. Amber walks you through the customer journey, enlightening you on how your website needs to be set up to power conversion.   


Monday, January 23

Profitable Pet Photography
Arica Dorff

Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets to getting portraits of pets looking like they are posing perfectly for the camera. Arica will share some key takeaways such as: 

  • How to use pet owners (your clients) as assistants during portrait sessions.
  • How to maintain a high sales average and sell large wall portraits through remote ordering sessions 
  • How to take the guesswork out of pricing so you know exactly how much you’re paying yourself and saving for retirement with every portrait sale

Guarantee you’re marking up your products appropriately with Arica's simple pricing formula and running a profitable business!


Get Unstuck: Tools and Tips to Simplify, Automate, and Scale Your Headshot Business
Dave Kalmbach

Are you frustrated with bottlenecks that keep you from growing your headshot or portrait business? Then this class is designed for you. Dave’s “hold-nothing-back” approach will equip you with helpful strategies to run a successful photography studio. This class will give you the guidance and confidence you need to take on bigger jobs without feeling like you are losing your mind. Software automation, email templates, online booking tools, and all our favorite studio hacks are combined into this jam-packed class to get you unstuck and thriving. Leave this class with tools and tips to SIMPLIFY, AUTOMATE, and SCALE your headshot business.


Launching a Commercial Photography Business
Taylor Brumfield

Are you a novice commercial photographer ready to learn something new or are you an experienced photographer wanting to dive into commercial photography? This is the class for you. Join Taylor as she covers how to approach launching a commercial business including pricing structures, marking and funnels, the value in niching, and networking and finding clients.


Tuesday, January 24

Go From Frustrated to Focused
Debbie Peterson

Learn the 5 steps that give you clarity of direction on your way forward in your business and life. You’ll discover how to focus on the right opportunities for the right reasons while maintaining your momentum and results. Discover what it’s like to create success on your terms without sacrificing who you are in the process.


Pricing & Profit for the Artistic Soul 
D'Ann Boal

Run a highly profitable photography business by creating value your clients don't want to live without. Join D’Ann Boal of Smitten & Swoon Photography as she walks you through setting up your profitable photography boutique. Whether you want to raise your margins, or you've been considering implementing in-person sales into your client experience, this presentation will help you get started right away.     


Imaging USA will close on Tuesday, Jan. 24 with closing keynote speaker, Julie Solomon. Julie will teach you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound confidence to make anything you want to happen in her keynote address, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen To Unstoppable.

Head to the Schedule page for a full list of Business Track Classes (hint: click on the filter and select “Business” as a topic). Don’t miss a moment of the inspiration and knowledge you need to grow your business. Register for your All-Access Pass to Imaging USA today!