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December 21, 2021

Keynote Speaker Kaplan Mobray and the “Now Normal”

There’s no better way to start 2022 than by attending Imaging USA. The conference is the only place you’ll find classes on both technical skills for your photography and inspiration for your business. For a prime example of the latter, look no further than Kaplan Mobray’s closing keynote presentation on Tuesday, January 18.

Experience Kaplan’s engaging, high-energy presentation style and learn how to transform your business during “Now Normal: Re-Engaging Customers and Driving Business in a New-Normal World.”

During his keynote presentation, Kaplan will help professional photographers like you discover how to uncover your true purpose in life and translate that into your business. Kaplan recommends abandoning the idea of a “new normal” and embracing a “now normal” mindset instead.

“The now normal is about focusing on the immediacy of who you have to be, what you have to do, and how you have to do it to be relevant now,” Kaplan says in this recent Professional Photographer article. Whatever we thought the pandemic was going to be has changed and continues to change. “We have to be ready for imminent change, ready for growth, and planning for growth. Focusing on your now is really important. If you make really good now decisions, now plans, now strategies, it’s going to push you to create opportunities that will drive the growth of your business for your future.”

Equal parts entertaining and enlightening, Kaplan is sure to deliver an experience you won’t soon forget. To learn more about Kaplan’s philosophy, check out his 5 cornerstones for a successful “Now Normal” mindset in this story from the November 2021 issue of Professional Photographer magazine.

For even more advice from Kaplan, read his 5 tips for reframing failure here. Then, be sure to register for your All-Access Pass to Imaging USA so you can experience Kaplan’s keynote presentation at the show firsthand!