Learn how to “Get What You Want” with Julie Solomon

Published: August 10, 2022
Before you pack your bags for Imaging USA 2023, Julie Solomon is here to give you the proper send-off.


In her no-nonsense closing keynote, “Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable,” you’ll be encouraged to look deeper at the stories and unconscious beliefs that hinder your success. Julie helps attendees recognize the importance of self-love in their routine. By emphasizing how higher confidence levels can have a huge impact, she shows how we can easily blast through doubts that once held us back in our personal and business lives. 


Julie gets down to the heart of the matter, uncovering the common origin stories that hinder success, and the ways to overcome them. It's Julie's mission to help others discover their true purpose and create a new vision. Oftentimes, the first step begins with a change in our habits and beliefs. Setting and sticking to new boundaries that reflect your values come next, followed by an ultimate vision of pitching and confidently negotiating to get what you want. By the time you finish this session, you'll know how to let go of what you can't change, change the things you can, and smash through fears and self-doubt to create the life you’ve always wanted.


Watch Julie talk more about how to get what you want:


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