Take Your Wedding Photography to the Next Level at Imaging USA!

Published: August 31, 2022

Looking for techniques and business strategies to excel in the wedding photography niche? Look no further than the Imaging USA wedding track!

In this track, top photographers in the industry will show you how to creatively capture the essence of a couple's special day and increase your sales. You'll get tips on filming, lighting, and much more. 

Don’t miss this chance to get invaluable advice, guidance, and hands-on sessions from experienced photographers. There are sessions on everything from creating photos that will fill your clients’ eyes with tears of joy, to preparing for a photography experience they won't forget.


Some of this year's classes for wedding photographers include: 


Sunday, January 22


Winning With Workflows with Andre Brown
Entrepreneurs must wear many hats in their businesses. It’s common to be inundated with countless tasks, and organization is key to the success of a business. In this lecture, Andre shares how to utilize workflows to streamline business processes. Get ideas on how to create your own workflows so you can win in your business.  


Monday, January 23


Versatility Is the New Niche with Will Cadena
Will teaches how being versatile leads to great opportunities for individual photographers, teams, and clients. He sheds light on the process of selecting the right clients that will lead to multiple jobs. Turn one wedding into headshots, family shoots, corporate work, and more when you build relationships that lend themselves to jobs in other genres!

Fast Solutions With Speedlights (Small Flash) with Seth Miranda
Speedlights are compact, portable, and full of features to help you control your light, but every now and then, photographers get into a tight spot and need to get creative. This hands-on class teaches you the core principles of when to use speedlights, how to apply them, as well as how to use low-cost, off-the-shelf modifiers and everyday items to get you the light you want.     


Tuesday, January 24


5 Ways To Get Clients To Rave About You with Terri Baskin 
Terri takes you through the practical steps she has used to create a referral-based business where clients proactively share her business with their network of friends and family.

Jack of All Trades with Jermaine Horton
In this class, you will learn how to shoot in multiple genres and generate revenue while creating impact in your field. Learn how weddings can help you shoot sports, and inversely, how sports help you shoot weddings, etc. The world of photography is yours!

One Light, Ten Portraits with Cris Duncan
Add diversity to your portfolio and skills to your repertoire by harnessing the power of light. Cris will do a live demo creating ten unique images using only one light source and a 1x4 strip box. This presentation will empower you to see the creativity, flexibility, and quality that a single source can create.   


And more are being added! Save your seat for a front and center look at the action at Imaging USA in Nashville, TN!