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January 07, 2022

Travel Hacks for Imaging USA!

Want to ensure you have the best experience possible at Imaging USA? We want every aspect of your experience to be the best it can be, so take a peek at some of these travel tips we've prepared for your trip. They'll help you have a great experience from the moment you step foot out your door.  

With these tips in hand, you’ll be primed for an awesome time at Imaging USA: 

  1. Driving to Imaging USA? Set your favorite navigation device to 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745.
  2. The Gaylord National has discounted parking of $15 per day for self-parking with in-and-out privileges from January 13 – 18, 2022.

    There is a parking-validation desk near the Imaging USA registration area where you can get your validation ticket.

  3. Check the weather before you pack. We'll be in Maryland, and it can get pretty chilly in January! Check the weather before you head out and bring the outerwear and layers you may need if you plan to go out on the town. Click here to see Weather.com's 10-day forecast for National Harbor.
  4. Bring an extra bag. If you plan on stocking up at the Imaging USA expo, pack an extra suitcase or duffle to accommodate your haul and avoid shipping charges. 
  5. Pack conference essentials. Things like a refillable water bottle and a fanny pack may not be top of mind to bring with you, but they sure do make a difference. Other ideas of things to bring include chapstick, hand sanitizer, pens, and gum or mints.  
  6. Bring business cards. Imaging USA is an excellent networking opportunity and there are plenty of drawings to enter during the Expo! Be prepared!
  7. Reserve a room at the official Imaging USA host hotel. You can save heaps of money by booking a room in the Imaging USA block, keeping you centrally located and close to all the action. Also, you can trim costs by finding a roommate! Check out theLoop for attendees looking to split the cost of the rooms. Bonus: you'll have more money to spend at the Expo!
  8. Bring hand sanitizer and several masks! Be sure to wash your hands regularly as well. Remember: masks are required in all classes and events, including on the Expo floor. You don't want to wear the same mask every day, so bring extras. There will also be hand sanitizer stations situated throughout the event. 

Want some truly ingenious hotel hacks? Check out this article from The Washington Post to learn how you can secure your room's curtains and override the thermostat! 

With these handy travel tips, you’ll have the best Imaging USA experience ever! Register now if you haven't yet; you don't want to miss it.