Session Details

10 Things You Should Know When Adding Dance Photography to Your Business

Speaker: Carlos Barquin
Carlos Barquin

Session Time: Jan 23rd 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm CST
Location: Opry: Governors Ballroom E, Level 2
Track(s): Sales, School, Sport, Event


This class will give insight to the unique world of dance photography. We will also cover how dance studio directors can differ from principals at a school. 


  • Company photo sessions compared to recreational sessions.
  • The need for recital photo sessions
  • Our banner program and how we use it to have clients come back for multiple sessions 
  • Specialty sessions and how the kids sell you 
  • Organization when photographing dancers in various costumes.
  • How in-person sales and online sales can coexist. And much more!