Session Details

A Little Less Volume Can Save Your Portrait Studio

Speaker: Brent Watkins
Brent Watkins

Session Time: Jan 29th 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
Location: Marriott|Kentucky Ballroom E
Track(s): School, Sport, Event


Most Volume presentations are about “how to compete with the ‘Big Guys’” but that is the wrong takeaway for most small portrait studios. Doing a “little” volume work (small schools, small leagues, travel teams, dance schools, pre-schools, etc.) will help your studio cover your payroll, costs of doing business, and expenses; allowing your Portrait work to make a better profit. When a little Volume pays the bills then your Portraits are where you can make real money.

A little Volume relieves some of the stress of owning a business and doing sales because you are already in the black. You can use your Portrait work as a High Margin profit center and be both highly creative in your photography and highly lucrative in your pricing.

Everyone has had to pivot to a place of security in the last two years. Adding a little volume will stabilize your business and allow you to focus on increasing your portrait pricing while keeping your business whole.

When Volume makes you solvent, Portraits make you money!