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Athlete Calls, Team/Individual/Banner Sports, & Sportraits: How To Connect Seniors & Sports

Speaker: Alison Carlino
Alison Carlino

Session Time: Jan 23rd 10:00 am - 11:30 am CST
Location: Opry: Governors Ballroom E, Level 2
Track(s): Business, School, Sport, Event


Sponsored By: Miller’s Professional Imaging

Sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging

If you haven’t already discovered that booking sports teams will lead to senior bookings and vice versa, let Alison Carlino show you how to connect those dots. Discover how Athlete Calls begin the cycle before senior year and fall sports even start. These seniors open doors for you to coaches/teams that might’ve previously been closed. Working for those teams then puts you in front of priceless marketing—high school seniors. Learn the organizational procedures & marketing techniques needed to pull off team sports day and Athlete Calls. Alison will detail out the Sports Packages & her Class of 2023 Collections that include Sportrait options so both mom and senior are thrilled with the results. Carlino’s Photography has 19 years of industry experience to share along with a live athlete shoot. Alison is a master's degree elementary educator whose lesson plans are known to be full of text, photos, videos, and live education so come ready to learn! 


Take Aways:

Learn how Athlete Calls open doors to coaches & teams as well as produce senior & family portrait bookings.

Learn the pre, on-site, and post-organizational procedures it takes to run team/individual/banner bookings. Discover the products that sell.

Define Sportraits & understand the value to your business and the senior.