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Boudoir Deep Dive

Speakers: Kelli Connor , Andrea Mendoza , Susan Eckert , Kiati Plooksawasdi
Kiati Plooksawasdi

Session Time: Jan 21st 10:00 am - 5:00 pm CST
Location: Opry | Bayou D Room, Delta Mezzanine, Level M
Track(s): Business, Sales, Technique


Sponsored By: The Boudoir Album

Sponsored by The Boudoir Album

Kelli Connor


Make More Money With Prepayment Plans

Money spent is money forgotten! Learn how to make more money by offering pre-session payment plans to your clients, while simultaneously reducing reschedules and prevent cancellations. Increase your average sale by allowing clients to prepay for your products and services and upselling them at the ordering appointment! 

Susan Eckert


Bulletproof Business Branding

Susan has run and maintained her leading boudoir photography studio for almost 15 years--through market highs, market lows, and COVID shutdowns. In this workshop, she'll share how ONE key thing can help you ensure your business is sustainable through market highs and lows. Participants will be guided through reflective and brand clarification exercises that can serve as their bulletproof business branding going forward into 2023.

Kiati Plooksawasdi


Live Demonstration - Creating Drama and Emotion with Light 

Whether your style is dark and moody or bright and airy, understanding light and knowing how to bend and shape light to create that vibe is an essential tool to have. Understanding this will help you convey your vision through your images. In this class, we will discuss the different techniques of how to bend and shape light to contour the body. Learn how to leverage natural light, and available light and use artificial lights such as strobes and constant lights. Contouring light goes hand in hand with posing and we will touch on posing throughout the session and I will walk through my process of how I use light and posing to give my clients the images they truly desire. 

Andrea Mendoza


Curating an Impactful Client Experience 

The boudoir industry has a special ability to act as a vehicle for amazing self-esteem building and deep personal growth if the client experience is built with intention and care. The side effect of creating this awesome experience is overjoyed clients that can't imagine doing only one session in their lifetime. Andrea Mendoza has done exactly that, resulting in over $300K in return client revenue over a 3-year-period, join her as she teaches you how to cultivate a client experience that turns a Once-in-a-Lifetime Session into a Once-a-Year Obsession, while simultaneously creating a mindset shift so profound it often results in permanent transformation. Learn how to optimize individualization & communication for each client, creating safety and trust, encouraging vulnerability and customization for the period of life your client is currently celebrating, and encouraging them to come back over and over.

Deep Dive class are $189/class.

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