Session Details

Crafting the Perfect Portrait: Tips, Tricks, and Tangible Takeaways That Will Set You Apart From Your Competition!

Speaker: Jeff Carpenter
Jeff Carpenter

Session Time: Feb 2nd 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
Location: Texas Ballroom B, Convention Center, Level 3
Track(s): Portrait, Technique, Lighting


Embark on a transformative journey into the art of portraiture with this comprehensive class, “Crafting the Perfect Portrait.” Designed for both aspiring and seasoned professionals seeking to distinguish themselves, this course delves deep into the nuances of capturing compelling portraits. From understanding your camera’s settings to mastering composition techniques, participants will learn a myriad of skills to take their portraits to the next level.

Discover the secrets behind creating visually striking portraits through a blend of innovative tips and live demonstrations. Uncover the power of expression, as we delve into the art of communication and connecting with your subject to evoke genuine emotions. Explore unique approaches to lighting, unveiling strategies that go beyond the conventional. This class is not just theoretical; it provides tangible takeaways through practical exercises, ensuring participants leave with newfound confidence and skills that set them apart in the competitive world of portrait photography.