Session Details

Creative Color Is Easy, Powerful, Emotional, and It Sells!

Speaker: Joe Edelman
Joe Edelman

Session Time: Jan 22nd 8:00 am - 9:30 am CST
Location: Opry | Delta Ballroom D, Level 2
Track(s): Inspiration, Technique


Creative use of color in a photograph can be powerful and emotional and help increase sales. Light and color are two of the most effective tools to add subtle creative touches or create dramatic impactful statements in a photograph. Effective use of color can be the difference from an ok shot to an incredible one, and it is much easier than you think!

In this presentation, Joe will introduce you to color theory and the psychology behind how color impacts our emotional response to photographs. He will share simple resources that even the most color-challenged photographer can use to develop eye-catching color pallets for their images. Working with a live model, Joe will share some of his favorite techniques with strobes and constant light sources.

Joe will also share the importance of considering color when planning your shoot to increase print sales after the shoot. This is one of the most overlooked opportunities for increasing revenue.