Session Details

Empowering Maternity Models: Posing for a Fashion Look and Feel

Speaker: Marta Ponsko
Marta Ponsko

Session Time: Feb 3rd 10:00 am - 11:30 am EST
Location: Texas Ballroom B, Convention Center, Level 3
Track(s): Fine Art, Portrait, Technique, Posing, Maternity


In this presentation Marta will focus on:


  • Creating a Collaborative Environment: Discuss the importance of collaboration between the model, photographer, and stylist in achieving a successful maternity photoshoot. Communication and teamwork to bring out the best in each participant for a cohesive, high-fashion result.
  • Body Confidence and Posture: Discuss the importance of body language and how confidence in posture transforms maternity modeling. Tips on standing tall, accentuating curves, and exuding confidence.
  • Styling for the Modern Mom-to-Be: Explore fashion trends and styles that accentuate maternity curves while aligning with contemporary fashion. From chic to casual, how to blend comfort with elegance.
  • Posing with Purpose: Break down poses that highlight the beauty of pregnancy. From classic poses to more dynamic movements, demonstrate how certain angles and gestures can bring out the best in maternity photography.