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Fine Art Storyteller: Elevate Your Craft With Creative Image Making

Speaker: Erica Manning
Erica Manning

Session Time: Feb 1st 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
Location: Dallas 3, Convention Center, Level 3
Track(s): Fine Art, Technique

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As photographers, we’re all visual storytellers. But what story are we telling? And do our viewers truly understand that story?

In our discussion, we will break down the why, what, and how of creative image-making:

*WHY you would want to incorporate creative image making into your photography, discovering ways it can elevate your skills and confidence and ignite your creative fire. 

*WHAT processes are involved in making a creative image? We’ll explore idea development, lighting, shooting, and editing.

*HOW to leverage this skill into your business.

This talk will equip you with the tools to tell your story beautifully and effectively.