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Grow Your Portrait Business With Modern School Pictures!

Speaker: Heather Crowder
Heather Crowder

Session Time: Jan 28th 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
Location: Marriott|Kentucky Ballroom E
Track(s): School, Sport, Event


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Want to get your weekends and evenings back?  Tired of competing in an over-saturated portrait market?  Looking for new ways to grow your business and bring new clients to your studio? Have you been asked to photograph a school or sports team but didn’t know where to start?

Heather’s approach to Boutique School Photography is for you! Gone are the days of traditional and boring backdrops and hum-drum school pictures!  

Bring your expertise, personal photography style, and love of what you do to the school setting. Not only is this a very profitable genre, but it’s a great referral funnel for your portrait or wedding business!

*Learn - “What is boutique school photography?”
*Learn - “How I got started and the mistakes I made along the way (so you won’t make them!)”
*Learn - “How to target and book your first school”
*Learn - “What you need to be successful in boutique school photography”
*Learn - “Profit and potential in boutique school photography & the referral funnel!”