Session Details

Photographing Atypical Subjects

Speaker: Tosha Gaines
Tosha Gaines

Session Time: Jan 24th 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm CST
Location: Opry | Delta Ballroom B, Level 2
Track(s): Portrait, Technique


The world is a diverse place; however, most photographers’ portfolios do not reflect that. While there is a sense of familiarity to sticking with what’s familiar, stepping out of our comfort zone brings understanding, empathy, and appreciation for diversity in countless ways. 
Yet many photographers struggle to answer the question: “How do I approach a disabled client?” Often worrying about how to interact with people with disabilities during a session. While most photographers are competent when it comes to creating images, working with who are differently abled (whether visible or invisible) takes special skill. 
This class will discuss how to become a radically inclusive photographer. Let me train you on how to look at photography with an inclusive lens in order to build a portfolio and business that represents all people. 

We will not only discuss how to practice radical inclusivity as a photographer. I will provide steps for how to look at your photography with an inclusive lens to build a portfolio and business that represents a more diverse clientele.

By the end of our time together, you will be able to: 
-      Building rapport that is safe and inviting for your clients
-      Deepen your understanding of appropriate lighting for any situation with constant and strobe lights.
-      Develop strong strategies for engaging clients during sessions in ways that make them feel comfortable
-      Build your confidence in working with disabled or atypical clients