Session Details

Poise & Pose: Mastery in Boudoir

Speaker: Yuliya Panchenko
Yuliya Panchenko

Session Time: Feb 2nd 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
Location: Grapevine Ballroom D, Convention Center, Level 3
Track(s): Fine Art, Portrait, Technique, Boudoir


In this program, photographers will enhance their skills to excel in elegant, tasteful, and sensual posing, elevating their boudoir photography to artistic levels. Yuliya will cover posing fundamentals to teach photographers how to construct poses instead of relying on memorization. Additionally, she will discuss posing flow and provide tips to avoid common pitfalls when posing women for boudoir sessions. Audience participation will be encouraged, making this a dynamic and engaging learning experience for all.