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Portraits + Schools = Succe$$

Speakers: Lori Carroll , Adam Carroll
Adam Carroll

Session Time: Jan 22nd 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm CST
Location: Opry: Governors Ballroom E, Level 2
Track(s): Sales, School, Sport, Event


Sponsored By: American Color Imaging (ACI)

Sponsored by American Color Imaging


Adam Carroll

Lori Carroll

How to add school photography to your already successful portrait studio. Join Adam and Lori as they take you on a journey to financial success. Have you doubted that you can do both portrait and school photography? Or thought school photography lacks creativity? Let your passion for portrait photography fuel your drive for school photography. And once you get started as they did, you’ll realize how fun and rewarding school photography can be.

School photography is recession-proof, Covid proof, and can provide financial security that allows you to continue doing what you love, portrait photography, without the stress of wondering when the next client will schedule. It is measurable, repeatable, and guaranteed yearly income that lets you budget and plan for future success.

Adam and Lori will share who got them started in schools, why they continue to grow their business, and most importantly, how they do school photography. If you develop and maintain systems, schools are as easy as 1-2-3. They will share their experiences of what works for them as well as what didn’t work and why. They will also share the importance of a great lab partner, who you really need to “schmooze” at the school, and how to market yourself against the volume giants.