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Pricing & Profit for the Artistic Soul

Speaker: D’Ann Boal
D’Ann Boal

Session Time: Jan 24th 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm CST
Location: Opry | Delta Ballroom C, Level 2
Track(s): Business, Sales


Sponsored By: Miller’s Professional Imaging

Sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging

You don’t have to be “salesy” or carry an MBA to run a highly profitable photography business. You simply need to create value your clients don’t want to live without. Join D’Ann Boal of Smitten & Swoon Photography as she walks you through setting up your profitable photography boutique. She will show you the client communication you must have, and how to set clients up for placing a print order while exceeding their expectations. You will learn the ins and outs of in-person sales from the products that make the most money to how this extra hour with your clients allows for ceiling-free profit potential. If you want to raise your margins or if you’ve been considering implementing in-person sales into your client experience, this presentation will help you get started right away.