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The Art of Selling With Allison Tyler Jones

Speaker: Allison Tyler Jones
Allison Tyler Jones

Session Time: Jan 22nd 8:00 am - 9:30 am CST
Location: Opry | Delta Ballroom C, Level 2
Track(s): Business, Sales


Sponsored By: White House Custom Colour

Sponsored by White House Custom Colour

Are you tired of hearing the same old objections during a sales appointment with a client? 

It sounds something like this:

“I don’t have to decide right now, do I?”

“Wow, I had no idea this would be so expensive.”

“I need to go home and measure my walls first.”

“I need to talk to my spouse about this first.”

“You keep all of these images so I don’t have to order now, right?”

If this sounds all too familiar you might be missing a step, (or two) in your sales process.


Spend the morning with Allison Tyler Jones as she conducts a crash course in creating a sales process that will shift your mindset about selling, educate your clients early and often and, more importantly, allow you to do it all without feeling manipulative or sales-y. 


You will learn to:

Sell Yourself First by creating a Value Inventory for your business which will cement, in your own mind, how much you, your talents and your service brings to your client's lives. 

Sell on Value, Not Price by communicating value in everything you do (from social media to website) and how to rid yourself forever of the addiction of marketing on price. 

Pre-Sell with A Process that ATJ uses in her portrait studio every single day. She’ll walk you through step-by-step how she quotes her clients during a consultation that pre-sells the work before she ever picks up a camera. 

Whether you love selling or avoid it like the plague, selling portraits is a unique skill set and one that can be learned and can be ENJOYABLE. Spend some time with ATJ and you’ll emerge able to sell your own portraits like never before.