Program / Weddings: Preparations, Details and Setting Clear Expectations
Rhea Whitney
Rhea Whitney
Session Time: Jan 15th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
Location: National Harbor 13
Track(s): Business, Wedding


Let’s talk all things wedding, photographers! No more letting the day fly by without you taking control and getting the time that you need! What we do on the wedding day is super important and having time is the most valuable aspect. In my wedding details talk, we’ll discuss how to effectively prep your clients for their big day, setting clear expectations for the flow of the day and walking clients through how to be most prepared for photography. You’ll learn helpful ways to communicate with your clients, in order to have them help you and your team. 


  • Needed touch points of communication with your wedding clients
  • Why it’s imperative to help them understand the flow of the day 
  • How to help them help you for day of 
  • Ways to outline exactly what you need from them in order to be most efficient 
  • Plus more!