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Andy Yee

Andy Yee

Andy Yee

Andy Yee specialises in travel and tourism photography and is a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate. When not leading workshop tours in exotic locations, he can be found in Cincinnati, USA working as a visual content creator and photo educator. ​ As evidenced by his diverse portfolio and winner of the Sony Alpha Landscape Award, Andy utilises his camera to capture the harmony between people, culture, and landscapes. His work has been described as “expressive” and “inspiring.” He harnesses his attention in detail to compose images with a classic look as opposed to chasing trends. ​ Andy's passion for photography is infectious. He has a knack for translating the mysteries of image creation into concrete, practical language. Using his work as a springboard, he guides people to draw upon their own creativity to discover their individual styles. His balance between one-on-one instruction and critique enables learners to capture the shots they see in their minds. Photographers at all levels learn from Andy's in-depth knowledge while exploring captivating places such as Japan, Morocco, Jordan, Cambodia and Oman. In Sydney, he trains individuals and small groups through all aspects of the creative process - from composition to post-production in Lightroom. ​ What Andy finds most rewarding is inspiring others to take their cameras along on their own adventures. He is passionate about leveraging his professional skill and knowledge to advance others to the next level. Experiencing learners’ joy of capturing images the way they want to see them is what motivates Andy to continue finding new ways to support the creative process.

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Sunday, February 2
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm EST
Navigating the World of Creativity: How to Break Into Travel Photography
Fine Art, Technique