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Cane Sampson

Cane Sampson

Cane Sampson

Cane Sampson is a distinguished professional photographer who has carved a niche in the volume photography world. As the founder and CEO of CL Photoz, based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Cane has become a known name in the industry in just six short years. Known for his innovative lighting techniques, masterful use of Photoshop, and for securing major contracts, Cane leads his business with a mixture of creative flair and strategy. Dedicated to making every athlete feel like a superstar, Cane ensures that each session delivers an unparalleled experience and a photo that captures their essence. Always on the cutting edge of new trends and methods, he continuously integrates fresh ideas into his work, leaving a nationwide impact. He and along with his wife Lauren a.k.a “The Machine” bring a different sense of freshness and culture with their ideas and templates. They stay learning and creating to stay relevant and provide the industry what the game has been missing.Within the industry, Cane is known as "Hustle" for his relentless drive and unwavering work ethic. His attention to consistency and quality propels CL Photoz forward, making its mark across the nation.

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Sunday, February 2
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm CT
What The Game Has Been Missing
Portrait, School, Sport, Event, Technique

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