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David Drum

David Drum

David Drum

Sponsored By: H+H Color Lab

David Drum, VP of Business Development at H&H Color Lab and President of N-Vu.com, combines nearly three decades of experience with a passion for small business and professional photography. Originating from an engineering background at RIT, Xerox and Motorola, David's dedicated career at H&H Color Lab has revolved around enhancing the capabilities of photography studios.


Having spent the last 15 years collaborating with studios nationwide, David's hands-on approach encompasses not only optimizing post-production processes and workflows but also analyzing different studio business models to help maximize sales. With leadership roles in software and product development at H&H, David has steered the company's technological evolution.


H&H Color Lab's emphasis on differentiated product manufacturing, modern technology, and collaborative education has empowered professional photographers for more than 53 years in school, sports, portrait, wedding, scenic, commercial and event photography.

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Sunday, January 28
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm EST
AI and Photography… the Good, the Bad, and the Illegal
Bridging the Gap