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Glynns Thomas

Hello! My specialty is creating professional headshots for companies. What truly excites me about this work is helping nervous employees present their professional best.
I’ve dabbled in photography my whole life while pursuing a career in advertising. For 11 years, I taught a marketing class to thousands of small business owners.

In 2016, I thought I’d finally start the photography business I had always dreamed of. I tried family photography with no luck, but things changed in 2017 when I was offered a job taking headshots for 70 people at Toyota. I was hooked.
They say an artist who knows how to market will never starve. I’ve grown this into a six-figure business doing just headshots. I’ve applied my Fortune 50 corporate marketing knowledge to this business of one (just me!). I will show you what I do to attract and secure business, from having a website that sells to attracting the best prospects and leading them to a sale.
Outside work, I love spending time with my husband and two college students. We've had the privilege of living in India and Dubai. We can often be found outdoors hiking, skiing, or paddleboarding with our rescue dog.

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Saturday, February 1
10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
How to Book Headshots for Teams of 5-100 People
Deep Dive 1/2 Day Pre-Conference Training: Saturday, February 1, Technique, Headshots, Marketing

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