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Jamie Hayes

Jamie HayesM.Photog.M.Wed.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API, ABI, API

Jamie Hayes

It all began for Jamie at the age of 13. He never imagined that saving S&H Green Stamps would lead him to purchase a Kodak 110 camera, which would define his life’s path forever. With its’ fancy new flashcube extender, that camera would guide him on an incredible journey into professional photography. Jamie photographed his very first wedding at the age of 15. He had to get a ride from a family member but did not want his bride to know, so he had his uncle park down the block and walk the remaining two blocks to the church. Almost 30 years, two former employers, hundreds of weddings, and thousands of sessions later, Jamie and his business partner Mary Fisk-Taylor have created one of the most creative and lucrative home-based studios in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Jamie considers himself very lucky; most people consider him highly talented. He was blessed with a fine eye for detail, an imagination more significant than life, and an ability to create images that have been named some of the best in the country. His name is constantly at the top of the highly accomplished professional photographers list. Still, the real reward is the smiles and tears he consistently brings to his client’s faces when he delivers their beautiful portraiture. Jamie gives credit to all of the wonderful friends and mentors who have encouraged and taught him. He truly believes that becoming a member of PPA so many years ago was the beginning of his photography education and brought him to the point where he is today. Jamie’s appreciation for education led him to the PPA Business Instructor program in 1999. Since then, Jamie and his business partner Mary have been lecturing nationwide at many National and Regional conventions and week-long schools. Receiving his Craftsman degree in 1998 and his Master’ in 1999, Jamie has enjoyed many awards for his work, including the Kodak Grand Gallery Elite, Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Awards, as well as many entries into the PPA Traveling Loan and General Collections, multiple time Virginia Photographer of the Year and numerous Best in Show awards. Jamie has also earned his ASP Fellowship and recently received his PPA Master of Wedding Photography degree. He is a PPA Approved Juror and member of the Society of XXV..

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