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Tosha Gaines

Tosha Gaines

Tosha Gaines

Tosha Gaines is a contemporary portrait photographer and occupational therapist based in Birmingham, AL. A self-taught photographer, Tosha's bold and colorful personality can’t help but be seen throughout her portraiture — dynamic imagery that pairs her eye for detail with a love of natural light and off-camera flash / continuous lighting. Through using photography as a part of her therapeutic practice, Tosha has committed to highlighting disabled subjects in photography. She is addressing the invisibility of differently-abled persons in photographic spaces and the need to provide excellent service to them, as well as using photography as a therapeutic practice. Her vibrant energy and bold images earned her ambassadorships from Stella Pro Lights and Chimera Lighting. She is also an affiliate for Aftershoot.

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Tuesday, January 24
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm CST
Photographing Atypical Subjects
Portrait, Technique

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