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Beyond the Click: Turning Portraits Into Works of Art With Creative Editing

Speaker: Anya Anti
Anya Anti

Session Time: Feb 1st 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
Location: Texoma 1, Vineyard Tower, Level 1
Track(s): Deep Dive 1/2 Day Pre-Conference Training: Saturday, February 1, Adobe, Fine Art, Technique

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Creative photography requires more than just taking a picture. Join award-winning fine art photographer Anya Anti and learn how to turn post-production into a powerful tool for enhancing your photographs and turning them into eye-catching gallery-worthy artwork. Anya will share her creative editing workflow, tips and tricks in Photoshop and show how she creates an image from the start to the finished piece of artwork. You will learn how to improve your editing skills, how to be more creative, and bring your artistic vision to life. You will learn:

1. about the importance of post-production and how to turn it into a powerful tool for elevating your photographs and bringing them to the next level.

2. the importance of non-destructive editing, and how to work with layers and masks in Photoshop.

3. about techniques and tips for color correction, retouching, compositing

4. how to improve your editing skills, make your workflow more efficient, and think outside of the box.