Media Registration

PPA offers complimentary passes to qualified media professionals.

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Media pass holders have access to:

  • All conference educational sessions
  • Imaging USA Expo
  • Keynote addresses
  • Ceremonies and awards programs
  • Photo exhibitions

To receive a media pass, media contacts must complete the application and meet all the requirements. The distribution of media passes is solely at the discretion of PPA.

Questions regarding media passes can be addressed to [email protected].

Media Admission Policy: Rules & Considerations

  1. Media Passes are complimentary and all-inclusive (access to Imaging Expo, International Photographic Exhibit, educational programming, and any other events associated with the convention).
  2. Media Passes will be issued to photographic trade media only (exceptions may be made for local media). Any other media interested in attending may contact [email protected] to be considered for a complimentary pass.
  3. Members of a media outlet's editorial staff (reporters, journalists, editors, writers) are eligible for a Media Pass. Members of an outlet's management, design team, or sales force are not.
  4. Providing a press badge and/or a business card is NOT sufficient to gain media access to Imaging USA.
  5. To receive a Media Pass, media contacts must complete the media application, regardless of whether they have attended the show in the past, and meet all the requirements. Each applicant will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  6. Media members who receive a Media Pass agree to send in links to coverage of the event to [email protected]. Links will be shared via PPA's blog and social media to increase exposure and readership. If PPA does not receive these links, Media Passes might be withheld from the respective parties in future years.
  7. PPA is under no obligation to provide anyone with a Media Pass to Imaging USA. Media Passes will be distributed at the discretion of PPA staff. Not all applicants will be granted media access to Imaging USA.