Find Your Niche at Imaging USA!

Published: October 06, 2022

A common mistake small business owners make when starting is saying “yes” to everything. Many are afraid to “niche down” for fear of limiting their services and missing out on potential sales. It’s time to let go of this mindset that is no longer serving, realize your strengths, and see how it PAYS to have a niche. Marketing strategies provide a clear focus for the ideal target customer and a clearer pathway toward success!

At Imaging USA, a world-class collection of speakers has already found their niche, created successful businesses, and are now offering to share their secrets with you! Get outside your comfort zone and learn about a different niche of photography or attend a class on a subject already close to your heart! Offerings range in specialties from Pet Photography to Real Estate and come in the form of Pre-Con classes and general sessions. 


Pet Photography

Saturday, January 21
How to Create & Sell the Dog Studio Portrait [Pre-Con Class]
Kimberly Hartz
Learn how to prep for your session, capture variety in your subject, create an experience that wows clients, and much more with Kimberly. 


Monday, January 23
Profitable Pet Photography
Arica Dorff
Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets to getting portraits of pets looking like they are posing perfectly for the camera. Arica shares her simple pricing formula to guarantee that you’re marking up your products appropriately and running a profitable business and so much more in this informative pet photography class. 



Saturday, January 21
A 25K Day with Headshots & Personal Branding Photography [Pre-Con Class]
Saray Taylor-Roman
Saray shares her best practices for running a smooth and financially successful day with your team. She covers pricing, processes before and after the photo shoot, and how to spend less time working, and more time living life on your terms!


Tuesday, January 24
Maximizing Portrait Sales
Gary Box
Sales is a make or break for a photography business. Find out how Gary gets incredible sales in a less-than-ideal market. This class covers pricing and sales strategies, which includes a walk-through sales session. Learn what to say and do, and create higher album sales using his selling down, not up approach.


High Volume Headshots

Friday, Jan 20
Mastering High Volume Headshots [Pre-Con Class]
Gary Hughes
In this new live demo program, learn how to market for, book, organize, and execute team and event headshots in a way that will create raving clients and huge income streams in your business. Gary will teach you how to market for team and event headshots, navigate the bidding process, book big jobs, break into the genre, and more!


Saturday, January 21 
Capturing the Beauty of Motherhood: Maternity Photography Simplified [Pre-Con Class]
Diana Robles
This beginner-level maternity class and demonstration will cover topics such as posing for maternity clients, simple light setups to create timeless maternity portraits, and having a simplified workflow to maximize your time and studio setup using minimal equipment. This class will leave you feeling empowered, ready, and confident to take your maternity portraits to the next level.


Sunday, January 22 
Creative Maternity Portraiture
Sophia Barrett
In this class, learn how to create unique artwork for your client that they will be excited and proud to pass down as cherished family heirlooms. Learn how to direct your client to give you the necessary inspiration you need, and then take that same inspiration and apply it to your aesthetic.



Saturday, January 21
Keeping Senior Shoots Fresh and Sportraits with Peak Action - AM [Pre-Con Class]
Patrick Murphy-Racey
Patrick Murphy-Racey has been shooting as a pro for over 35 years and will talk about capturing the peak moment of action with senior and sports shoots. His workshop will discuss using strobes outside with large modifiers and sports reflectors to allow kids more room to run around than just a standard backdrop. 


January 24, Tuesday
Sports & Composites: Full Send
David Foltz
In this program, David will explain the fundamentals of rapid posing for use in composite work. David will also demonstrate tools used to streamline your workflow and compile a finished sports composite. Give your clients show-stopper images with Sports Composites! 


Senior Photography

Friday, January 20  
The Business of High School Seniors [Pre-Con Class]
Jenn Lewis

Prepare to learn the ins and outs of high school senior work, including the importance of an influencer team, how to work with senior clients, in-person sales, and the steps between consultation to delivery. Walk away with valuable tips on how to prepare a client for a successful sale and overcome objections during the sales process. Take Jenn's expertise to task and move past the common issues so you can enjoy your client relationships and business!


Tuesday, January 24
The Elements of Posing for Seniors
David Beckham
In this session, David will teach you how to make a photo session enjoyable for seniors before and during the shoot with an emphasis on communication. You’ll also learn ways to break posing down into separate elements so you can pose any body type, regardless of the situation. Helpful on-stage models demonstrate David’s posing techniques. Create great photos that the whole family will treasure and share for years to come!


Real Estate

Saturday, January 21
Drones, Stills, and Video Reels: Earning Big Money in Luxury Real Estate [Pre-Con Class]
Charles Roach 
This class will be an entertaining and interactive session covering the business and technical aspects of luxury real estate content creation. Focus on staying ahead of fast-paced technologies being adopted by agents and homeowners, while also protecting your margins, time, and brand.


Head to the Schedule page, click on the filter and search by Class Topics to find your niche. Don’t miss out on this chance to niche down, focus your business, and find greater success at Imaging USA! Register for your All-Access Pass today!