Find Your Path with Imaging USA’s Business Classes

Published: November 20, 2023

Most photographers lack no passion for their craft, but for some, their first step into the photography business comes without a real foundation on how to build their business. The photography industry is constantly evolving, which means there is always something new to learn when marketing your product and growing your business. At Imaging USA, we bring together photography-industry insiders and top professionals in one convenient location to supercharge your business know-how.

This year’s show kicks off on Sunday, January 28, 2024, with a dynamic opening keynote speech by Victoria Labalme, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and Hall of Fame Speaker. Her theatrical and humor-filled talks are unforgettable. Learn how to embrace the unknown and unlock your hidden genius in her keynote, Risk Forward®.

There are also a wide variety of Pre-Conference classes running from Thursday (January 25) and Saturday (January 27) to choose from! Keep scrolling for a preview of some of the Business Track classes at Imaging USA.


Pre-Conference Classes

Thursday, January 25

Lighting Your Way to Success: The Intersection of Lighting and Business
An All-Day class with Jeff Carpenter
Sponsored by: Profoto
In this class, you will learn how to use lighting techniques to create stunning images that will attract clients and set you apart from the competition. Learn how to use different types of lighting equipment, set up a lighting studio, and create dynamic and engaging portraits. Jeff will also instruct students on incorporating your lighting skills into your business strategy, including pricing strategies, marketing techniques, and client communication.  


2 Day Business Intensive for Portrait Photographers
January 25—January 26
On Day 1: Focus on the financials and foundational considerations for your business with the help of Scott Kurkian and Lindsay Betz. Begin by defining your individual business model and personal definition of success and then move on to managerial accounting. Walk away with an understanding of pricing for profitability and more!
On Day 2: Learn how to attract and discover the right clients with Monica Sigmon. Develop your brand, sell with confidence, and compete successfully in today's business landscape.


Friday, January 26

The Ultimate Guide to Team and Event Headshots
All-Day class with Dace Kalmbach
In this class, Dave will share his proven workflows for team and event headshots used for brands including Louis Vuitton, Intel, Air Canada, and many more. With Dave’s “hold nothing back” approach, you’ll learn about the best software options, what gear it takes, and how to build a team to tackle these lucrative jobs. With your workflow challenges solved, you can grow a profitable team and event headshot business with confidence.


Saturday, January 27

Purpose-Driven Photography: Unlocking the Secrets to Building a Purposeful and Profitable Business
with Ronan Ryle
Drawing on his three decades of experience in the photography industry, Ronan will guide you through a transformative process that will empower you to build a business that aligns with your values and purpose. You will learn how to create a proactive marketing plan that will attract and retain clients, create a financial management system that works, and adopt the right mindset for success. 
This program focuses on creating a business with heart and soul, resulting in a profitable and sustainable business. Get the tools, strategies, and mindset necessary to build a profitable and purpose-driven photography business. 


Great Clients are Made Not Found
A Half Day Pre-Con with Steve Saporito 
Sponsored by 3XM
Learn the practical steps on how to book clients and get a peek behind the curtain of some of the most successful studios in the world with insight into what has transformed them from a sales average of $400 to sales averages of over $3,000. Discover why these studios have more referrals than ever before and happier clients that come back again and again. If you’re looking to understand what clients truly want from a photographic experience, and why they want to display wall art in their homes, this is the course for you.

General Sessions

Sunday, January 28

5 Ways to Wow Your Client Experience with Your Process
With LaJune King
Learn why having a workflow is so important to your success, how it starts with your ideal client, what to automate in your process, and how to add client deliverables for outstanding service. Get better and start fetching those 5-star reviews!


The Volume Photography Tool Box: From Inquiry to Online Orders
with Speaker Leroy Tademy
Sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging 
Delve into the world of volume photography and learn every step of the process, from the initial client inquiry to setting up online galleries for clients to conveniently place their orders. Whether you're a new photographer looking to expand your services or an experienced professional aiming to streamline your volume photography workflow, this course has something for everyone.


Monday, January 29

Connection Through Content Creation
with Erin Hernandez-Reisner
In this course, Erin invites her students to look at content creation and influencing with integrity and honesty. What does that look like, and why are people yearning for it? Explore this major social connector and discover how our own stories and lives can leave an impact through connection. It’s a perfect place for photographers and videographers to develop side stream incomes. 


Breaking into the Business of Wildlife Photography
with Annalise Kaylor
Stock photography, direct-to-client licensing, or selling fine art - it’s all a different game in the world of wildlife photography. Gone are all the business rules you thought you knew.


Mindset: Own It While You Hone It
with Robyn Hatcher
No matter how brilliant we are, a lack of personal impact and weak communication skills can result in a lack of trust, respect, and a loss of revenue. Robyn's interactive and inspirational program inspires participants to:
- Excavate their expertise and innate value
- Clearly communicate that value
- Confidently radiate when they communicate

Tuesday, January 30

Be More Successful
with Mark Fisk-Taylor
Don't miss this chance to spend time with and learn from PPA Master Photographer, ASP Education Fellow, Profit First Professional, and StoryBrand Certified Guide, Mary Fisk-Taylor.
Mary will share how she has created two sustainable photography businesses with the help of her business partners. She will cover how extensive branding, public relations, dynamic sales plans, and powerful marketing strategies have kept their studios both highly profitable and sustainable. 
Highlights of the program will include low-cost but very high-impact marketing plans and great sales techniques for all types of studios. The basic foundations of both Profit First and StoryBrand will be covered as well as how she implements it into her studio.  


Effective Workflows for Positive Cashflow
with Andre Brown
As photographers and entrepreneurs, we must wear many hats to make our business run smoothly, yet there always seems to be a mountain of endless tasks. In this lecture, Andre shares how to utilize processes and workflows to streamline a business, which will give you more time so you can scale your business to 3x your business sales with ease.


No matter where you’re at with your business, Imaging USA offers a business class fit for every photographer. To effortlessly search for Business Pre-Con classes or General Session business classes, go to the 2024 Schedule Page and filter by Day and Topic. Make your selections and register soon before your class sells out! 

Are you registered? Don't forget to register for your all-access pass now through December 1 to take advantage of early-bird pricing.