Improve Your School, Sports, & Event Photography at Imaging USA!

Published: September 07, 2022

No matter where you are in your career as a professional photographer, Imaging USA has the inspiration and insights you need to grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your school, sports, volume, and event photography, there’s a great selection of classes to choose from! Even if it's not your specialty, you're sure to find something to help you broaden your expertise. 

If you haven't already, take a moment to register for Imaging USA. Keep scrolling for a rundown of what school, sports, and event photography classes you can attend during the show.


Saturday, January 21 (Pre-Con Classes)


Branch Out With School & Sports Photography To Grow Your Business (Deep Dive)

Join experts Mitchell Moore, Heather Crowder, and Carl Bott, successful portrait, and 'volume' photography veterans, as they go over everything you need to succeed with school and sports photography! Sponsored by GotPhoto.


Keeping Senior Shots Fresh and Sportraits With Peak Action - AM

Patrick Murphy-Racey is a Sony Artisan who uses location strobes to capture action whether it’s NFL players or AYSO soccer kids. His workshop will discuss using strobes outside with large modifiers and sports reflectors to allow kids more room to run around than just a standard backdrop. PM-R has been shooting as a pro for over 35 years and will talk about capturing the peak moment of action with senior and sports shoots.


Sunday, January 22


Portraits + Schools = Succe$$

with Lori & Adam Carroll

School photography is recession-proof, Covid-proof, and can provide financial security that allows you to continue doing portrait photography without the stress of wondering when the next client will schedule. It is measurable, repeatable, and guaranteed yearly income that lets you budget and plan for future success.

Join Adam and Lori as they take you on a journey to financial success and learn how to add school photography to your already successful portrait studio.


Mon, January 23


10 Things You Should Know When Adding Dance Photography to Your Business

with Carlos Barquin

Carlos' class will give insight into the unique world of dance photography. Get educated on how studio directors differ from principals at a school and walk away from the session with key takeaways such as:

  • Company photo sessions compared to recreational sessions
  • The "banner program" and how to get clients to come back for more
  • How in-person and online sales can coexist
  • And more!


Tues, January 24


Sports & Composites: Full Send

David Foltz

In this program, David will explain the fundamentals of rapid posing specifically for use in composite work. David's insight into the world of volume photography will help you give your clients show-stopping images with Sports Composites. David will also demonstrate tools used to streamline your workflow and compile a finished sports composite.       


Make Money With Action Photography – It's Easy 

Haim Ariav

Haim teaches that by using a proven process, which includes marketing and technology, you can easily make money with action photography in youth sports. By following a simple playbook that is easy to understand and execute, you'll see the possibilities of making a profit in action photography. From there, leverage your success into league and school sports!


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