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Published: September 18, 2023

No matter where you are in your career as a professional photographer, Imaging USA has the inspiration and insights you need to grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your school, sports, volume, and event photography, there’s a great selection of classes to choose from! Even if it's not your specialty, you're sure to find something to help you broaden your expertise. 

If you haven't already, take a moment to register for Imaging USA. Keep scrolling for a rundown of what school, sports, and event photography classes you can attend during the show.

Pre-Con Classes

Saturday, January 27

School and Sports Photography Re-Imaged 
Sponsored by: GotPhoto
Join volume photography experts Bob Kenward, Tim Macdonald & Stephanie McCauley as they give you the tools you need to succeed with school and sports volume photography! 
This Deep Dive will cover:
•    Building successful price-lists
•    Crafting the perfect sales pitch
•    Setting up and optimizing your picture day workflow
•    Quickly and efficiently posing subjects of all ages
•    A live demonstration of the picture day process from start to finish
•    Maximizing post-picture day sales


General Education Sessions

Sunday, January 28

Grow Your Portrait Business with Modern School Pictures! with Heather Crowder
Sponsored by: GotPhoto
Want to get your weekends and evenings back?  Tired of competing in an over-saturated portrait market?  Looking for new ways to grow your business and bring new clients to your studio? Have you been asked to photograph a school or sports team but didn’t know where to start?
Heather’s approach to Boutique School Photography is for you! Gone are the days of traditional and boring backdrops and hum-drum school pictures! Here are some of the takeaways you can expect from Heather’s class:
•    How Heather got started in Boutique School Photography and the mistakes to avoid!
•    How to target and book your first school
•    Tools needed to succeed in boutique school photography
•    How to profit in boutique school photography & the referral funnel

The Volume Photography Tool Box: From Inquiry to Online Orders with Leroy Tademy
Sponsored By: Miller’s Professional Imaging
In this comprehensive course, you'll delve into the world of volume photography and learn every step of the process, from the initial client inquiry to setting up online galleries for clients to conveniently place their orders. Whether you're a new photographer looking to expand your services or an experienced professional aiming to streamline your volume photography workflow, this course has something for everyone!

Monday, January 29

A Little Less Volume Can Save Your Portrait Studio with Brent Watkins
Most Volume presentations are about “how to compete with the ‘Big Guys’” but Brent believes this is the wrong takeaway for most small portrait studios. Doing a “little” volume work (small schools, small leagues, travel teams, dance schools, pre-schools, etc.) will help your studio cover your payroll, costs of doing business, and expenses; allowing your Portrait work to make a better profit. When a little Volume pays the bills then your Portraits are where you can make real money.
In this class, you’ll learn how to add a little volume will stabilize your business and allow you to focus on increasing your portrait pricing while keeping your business whole.


Increase Your Revenue! Add Volume Sports to Your Photography Toolbox witth Robert Kenward
Would you like to increase your revenue? Of course you would! Join Bob Kenward as he introduces you to small-scale (but big $$$) volume sports photography. Learn how to add this to your photographic offerings without purchasing tons of equipment or hiring additional photographers. Bob will show you how you can excel at volume sports photography and do it yourself without a huge time commitment! Learn how to gain accounts and outsource part of the work so you still have plenty of time for your other photography pursuits. You already know how to take great pictures, so channel that into small-scale volume photography and increase your revenue!


Making Money in Dance Photography with Adilfa Ford
Sponsored by: Miller’s Professional Imaging
Dance photography is one of Adilfa’s greatest photographic passions, and in her business she strives to create the perfect blend of fine art in a volume workflow. 
In her business model, about 60% of her income is dance studio photography from April through June. This leaves the rest of the year to devote to high-end portraits of families, children, and seniors. Organization is essential for volume dance photography. In this brand-new program, Adilfa will teach you the technologies and techniques that make it all possible. You'll also learn how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls if you’re just starting out so you can avoid the nightmares and grow a profitable volume dance photography business.


Tuesday, January 30

Being Profitable in High Volume Sports – Process, Technique, Tools, Sales, and Marketing with Jeffery Galinovsky 
High Volume Sports can be a crazy business and being profitable can be very challenging. This program will take you on my journey on how Jeffery was able to build a successful and profitable high-volume sports business. In his class, he outlines his full process from start to finish, which includes getting your foot in the door, templates for poses and images, lighting setup, fulfillment, keeping customers happy, and more.


Fire Department and Law Enforcement Photography – Celebrate the Hero Within 
with Jennifer Fink 
Join Jennifer as she reveals a unique business opportunity that boosts your income while allowing communities to honor their firefighters and law enforcement. These unsung heroes risk their lives daily, regardless of the community size. Sadly, their photographic needs often go unmet, presenting an untapped niche market. Jennifer’s expertise will seamlessly integrate into your operations, covering marketing, on-site photography, and sales, as well as streamlining workflow and organization. Adding fire and law enforcement department photography to your studio model ensures financial growth and fills seasonal gaps. Let’s celebrate our heroes together!


Beating Out the Mom-Photog in Volume Sports with Brandy Moton
Sponsored By: Miller’s Professional Imaging
The need for higher quality sports images from youth to varsity is needed. With the media saturating the Internet, “good enough” has become the standard. In Brandy's class, participants will learn proper lighting and posing to set themselves apart from the Mom-Togs taking the business of professionals. Brandy will show you the proper light setup for green screen work and teach how to block out the background if shooting in an undesirable location.

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