Learn What it Means to Risk Forward® with Victoria Labalme

Published: January 25, 2024

Imaging USA kicks off every year with an inspiring keynote speaker, and this year is no different. Prepare to embrace the unknown and unlock your hidden genius with Victoria Labalme's opening keynote, "Risk Forward®.”


In this moving, theatrical, and humor-filled session, Hall of Fame Speaker and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Victoria Labalme, will give you select strategies to help you advance your career. Victoria uses skills she has developed through decades of performing arts experience and uses a results-driven approach to tackle business and art. Her teachings have led to stunning results around the world—for global brands, CEOs, and entrepreneurs just like you.


Victoria believes that the most successful companies, creative endeavors, and individuals are those who have the courage to go beyond what’s been done before. By elevating one’s ability to communicate, connect, and come alive, she believes entrepreneurs can win over the people they serve. 


This keynote presentation is going to be unforgettable! Photographers can attend “Risk Forward®” on Sunday, January 28 in Ballroom A in the Main Concourse. Don’t miss it!