Love in Focus: Wedding Photography at Imaging USA

Published: November 13, 2023

In the Wedding track at Imaging USA, top photographers in the industry will show you how to creatively capture the essence of a couple's special day and increase your sales. You'll get tips on filming, lighting, and much more. Keep reading for a glimpse into the schedule and a few of the classes on offer!

Pre-Con Classes


Mastering Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Wedding Portraits
with Andre Brown
In this intensive and hands-on workshop, you will delve into the world of off-camera flash and discover how to harness its potential to craft stunning and emotive wedding portraits. From intimate moments to stunning environmental portraits, you will learn how to use light creatively and strategically to capture the essence of every wedding with an artistic flair.


How to Get Started in Same Day Edit Wedding Videos 
with Ning Wong
If you’re a wedding videographer who wishes to provide same-day edits, then this course is perfect for you. However, it’s an intermediate to advanced class, so you should already have a basic understanding of how to edit using Adobe Premiere.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain knowledge on gear prepping, team management, and how to efficiently shoot for your same-day edit timeline. You’ll also learn how to piece together your footage to create a same-day edit video, along with some tips and tricks on how to make your day go smoother and faster. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to use your same-day edits to leverage the market and earn more money!


General Sessions


Smoother Weddings for You and Your Couples From Booking to Delivery
John Branch
Overall, John loves to focus on not only just shooting on a wedding day, but the business and customer service side of wedding photography. The things that help you capture the moments rather than just waiting for them. The things that keep your couples happy and surprised throughout their day, the things that let you never have an upset couple on the day of a wedding. These mindset shifts can contribute to less stress not only for the couple but also for the photographer as well. John will also speak on systems, workflows, using Lightroom, and anything tech related.



Weddings: Preparations, Details, and Setting Clear Client Expectations
with Rhea Whitney
Sponsored by: Miller's Professional Imaging 

Let’s talk all things wedding, photographers! No more letting the day fly by without you taking control and getting the time that you need! In Rhea's wedding details talk, she'll discuss how to effectively prep your clients for their big day, setting clear expectations for the flow of the day and walking clients through how to be most prepared for photography. You’ll learn helpful ways to communicate with your clients to have them help you and your team. 


High End Weddings: The Merging of 2 Worlds! Lighting for Photo and Video
with Ray Roman and Tomas Muñoz

10:00 am—11:00AM

Join international multi-award-winning Tom Munoz of Munoz Photography and Ray Roman of Ray Roman films as they demonstrate how photographers and cinematographers can work collectively as a team – particularly in the high-end wedding market, with the added help of LVL Up Imaging’s one-light system. 

Unpredictable weather and subpar lighting conditions at a venue will never be a source of stress or concern again. You will see how their creative lighting technique will quickly transform a poorly lit space and compensate for a gloomy day so photographers and videographers can enjoy the look of bright, natural, and even light at any time of day and anywhere they are shooting.


Serving the LGBTQ+ Community with Affirming and Inclusive Practices
with Kirsten Palladino 
With this program, you’ll learn how to share your inclusive values by speaking the language of the LGBTQ+ community that ensures they (and their allies) feel celebrated, affirmed, and welcomed by your business. Kirsten will cover the essential best practices in photographing the entirety of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as marketing and branding to the LGBTQ+ community. This presentation will be wedding-centric, but will touch on all opportunities to serve LGBTQ+ customers.



Lighting for Every Part of the Wedding Day
with Vanessa Joy
From natural light to flash photography (both on and off-camera!) see how luxury wedding photographer Vanessa Joy approaches lighting each part of the day. Watch as she photographs:

•    Bridal Details
•    Couple’s Photos
•    Family photos
•    Indoor ceremonies
•    Reception Dancing  
•    Trendy Flash Techniques 


Effective Workflows for Positive Cashflow
with Andre Brown
Sponsored by H+H Color Lab

Photographers and entrepreneurs have to wear many hats to their our business run smoothly, yet there always seems to be a mountain of endless tasks. In this lecture, Andre will share you he utilizes processes and workflows to streamline your business, give you more time and scale your business to 3x your business sales with ease.


Don’t miss this chance to get invaluable advice, guidance, and hands-on sessions from experienced photographers. Pick you pre-con class or general session class and make a plan for success! Register now for Imaging USA