PPA Cares: Going Green at Imaging USA 2024

Published: January 22, 2024

In an effort to make a positive impact on our environment and promote sustainability, PPA is proud to introduce "PPA Cares," an exciting new initiative aimed at reducing waste and promoting eco-conscious practices at Imaging USA 2024 and future shows. As we embark on this journey towards a greener future, we're thrilled to share some key changes you can expect to see and how you can actively participate in this endeavor. A huge thank you to our sponsor, Lockton Affinity. Without them, this initiative wouldn't be possible!


Embracing Sustainable Signage

One of the most significant changes you'll notice is our commitment to sustainable signage. All printed conference signs will now be crafted using a recyclable material known as ECO-board. While the edges of these signs may reveal their internal cardboard structure, rest assured, we haven't compromised on quality. In addition to this, we're actively exploring opportunities to replace paper signage with digital alternatives wherever possible. By reducing paper waste, we hope to encourage attendees to embrace our Imaging USA app for program details, surveys, networking, and more. 


Hosting in a Green Venue

The choice of venue plays a crucial role in our green initiative. Imaging USA 2024 will be hosted at the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC), a LEED Silver certified facility. This venue boasts LED lighting throughout, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and various other eco-friendly features, ensuring that our event takes place in an environmentally responsible setting.


Tackling Food Waste Head-On

Food waste is a significant concern at large events like Imaging USA. To combat this, we're taking proactive measures at KICC by composting leftover food that cannot be donated and sourcing locally produced products whenever possible. The venue also provides numerous recycling stations and water bottle refill stations, making it easier for attendees to reduce their environmental footprint.


Reusable Water Bottles for a Cause

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we'll be offering branded water bottles for purchase at $20 each. These bottles can be used at the convenient water refill stations scattered throughout the venue. While bottled water will still be available for purchase, we aim to limit its usage during the event. A cool bonus: these bottles come with a sticker to personalize your eco-friendly choice. What's more, proceeds from the sale of these bottles will be donated to Louisville Grows, a local sustainable organization!


Recycling Made Easy

After your unforgettable show experience, we've made recycling your attendee badge a breeze. On Tuesday, we'll set up two bins for attendees to drop their badges, lanyards, and other event materials. Our dedicated vendor will handle the disassembly and recycling process post-show, ensuring that your badge doesn't end up in a landfill.


Melissa Thompson, our Director of Events, and the driving force behind this initiative, shares her excitement:


"As an organization, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint is crucial in today's world. By replacing signage with eco-friendly materials, sourcing local food products, and eliminating paper where possible, we are making significant strides towards sustainability. One of the ways that we are encouraging attendees to participate in this initiative is to use a reusable water bottle, available for purchase at Imaging USA, to help eliminate plastic waste. All proceeds will be donated back to Louisville Grows and we are excited to contribute to the local community efforts. It’s important to be mindful of the environmental impact that a show of our size can create, and these are just a few of the positive steps we are taking towards a greener future."


We invite you to join us in this eco-conscious journey as we strive to make Imaging USA 2024 a model of sustainability. Your active participation, from embracing digital solutions to choosing reusable water bottles, is a vital step towards reducing our collective environmental footprint. Together, our efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability are not just commendable; they're better for our planet. Let's work hand in hand to make Imaging USA 2024 the greenest and most environmentally responsible event yet!