Session Details

The Fine Art of Portraiture Workshop

Speaker: Kristi Elias
Kristi Elias

Session Time: Jan 20th 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST
Location: Opry | Bayou E Room, Delta Mezzanine, Level M
Track(s): Inspiration, Technique


A successful fine art portrait photographer needs an equal balance of uniqueness, creativity, and a strong business mind. Learn how to become that creative pro photographer in this fun-filled, fine art immersion filled with artistic photographic creations, creative editing and composites, business, marketing, successful sales, and an abundance of creative inspiration. Watch and Learn how she creates her masterpiece portraits from start to finish.

Learn how to find and grow your creative style, find inspiration and work with your imagination. Kristi will also talk about her work and the thought process behind creating her imagery. Learn to create with confidence and eliminate the boundaries between what is possible and impossible. Leveraging her 23 years as a professional photographer, Kristi will demonstrate how she merged her art gallery world and photography business to run a successful fine art portrait studio and business. Kristi will share her profit-proved strategies for providing a luxury-based client experience while creating the work you want to create, and that clients will not only pay for but rave over.


Watch Kristi as she shows how she lights, props, and poses her clients during her studio photo shoots. You will learn the how's and why's of her lighting, posing, and propping for creative storytelling.

Creative fine art Photoshop editing, create masterpiece portraits and composites while defining and growing your style.

Fine Art business, Marketing, successful sales, and an abundance of creative inspiration.